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cosmetics wholesale makeup supplier

Some Tips on How to Spot Fake Cosmetics Wholesale Suppliers

The truth about life is that, no matter how good looking someone might be there is something about the person you might not like when you get closer. Just like there are fake and original products, there are fake and original cosmetics wholesale supp...

women who do their morning skin care routine

Best Skin Care Routine (Morning)

Everyone knows that a good day begins with the best routine and great things that we love. Of course, you can modify whatever you want in the following routine depending of on the time you have and the things that make you happy. Here is an example o...

Swimming Diva

Top waterproof makeup products that will Make You a Swimming Diva

Are you glad that 2013 summer is finally here?! I am! its time I swan in a public swimming pool or, better yet I shall go to the beach and swim among strangers all the while I shall be having a jolly-good time. Well, if you are careful about your look and want to look ravishing after taking the dip, I have sampled for you the best waterproof makeup...

she use one of the top makeup removers

Top Makeup Removers

Need a better makeup remover?   Its time to come clean and wipe away the day. Every night before bed, it is best to remove your makeup to lessen any chances for breakouts, clogged pores and excessive oil. Leaving eye makeup on can wreak havoc on your peepers by causing inflammation and swelling if it gets into your eyes during your toss and tu...

fight your cellulite, cellulite treatment

Cellulite How To Get Rid Of It

  Reducing Cellulite at Home by finding the best Cellulite Treatment The development of cellulite is a problem for many women and some men. The annoying bumps, ridges and dimples on the body can undermine personal confidence. If you’ve got some,...


Best Cosmetics Brands

Here’s a list of the best cosmetics brands.   A   Anastasia       B   Benefit       Bobbi Brown       BareMinerals     C   Caudalie     Clarisonic    ...