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Gucci Westman

Gucci Westman is an American makeup artist and cosmetic designer. She was born in 1971 in California and grew up in Sweden. Westman was married in 2006 to Rag & Bone fashion designer David Neville. Westman and Neville have two children.

Gucci Westman - Top makeup artist, credit photo par elle.frWestman became known for her makeup work with celebrities, including Drew Barrymore, Natalie Portman, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Cameron Diaz. Since being hired by Revlon, Westman has also worked with Halle Berry, Jessica Alba, Elle Macpherson, Jennifer Connelly, and Jessica Biel. She served as a makeup artist or makeup supervisor for several Hollywood movies including “Being John Malkovich,” “Buffalo 66,” and “French Exit.” Westman had a cameo role in the film version of “Sex and the City” in 2008.

Gucci Westman styled the cosmetic looks of cover models such as Taylor Swift, Jennifer Aniston, Kim Kardashian, Cameron Diaz, and Nicole Kidman on Allure, Vogue, and W covers in the United States and Australia. She also modeled for an article in Vogue’s January 2011 issue.

Westman has done the makeup of runway models for Oscar de la Renta, Richard Chai, Diane von Furstenberg, Devi Kroell, John Patrick, Ecco Domani and Rag & Bone during New York Fashion Week and Antonio Berardi during London Fashion Week.

Westman was hired by Lancôme in 2003 as the brand’s International Artistic Director. Her responsibilities included representing the brand at fashion and beauty events, styling models for company advertising shoots, and designing cosmetic color collections for the label. In 2008, Westman began a new, similar career as the Global Artistic Director for Revlon, creating the “Daydreamer” and “Suede Rhapsody” seasonal shade collections.


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Sam Fine

What do superstars Patti Labelle, Vanessa L. Williams, Halle Berry, Brandy and supermodels Tyra Banks, Veronica Webb, Iman, and NaomiCampbell all have in common? They’ve relied on the expert hand of makeup artist Sam Fine to look their most glamorous. That’s because Fine knows that the key to making up goes beyond painting a pretty face. Long before he became a celebrity makeup artist, the Chicago native

sam fine, top makeup artist, credit photo real

paid his dues working behind the makeup counter of department stores, an experience he fondly refers to as “the real school of beauty”. There he came in contact with women from all walks of life that wanted one thing – to look their absolute best. He made it his mission to show them how to accentuate their unique beauty by using colors and shades that would best complement their complexions. But most importantly he helped them el

iminate their doubts and apprehension about applying makeup so that they too could achieve dazzling results.

Fine’s talent and determination have taken him far from the makeup counter, making him one of today’s most sought after makeup artists. His work has appeared on the covers and pages of Cosmopolitan, Harper’s Bazaar, Essence, Vibe and Marie Claire and was chosen as the first African-American spokesperson for Revlon and Covergirl Cosmetics. But it was the experiences from his formative years selling makeup that inspired him to write his first book, Fine Beauty: Beauty Basics and Beyond for African-American Women, a how-to guide that also highlights his many accomplishments. See his blog








Tom Precheux

estee lauder







Tom precheux, top makeup artistTom Pecheux is known in the fashion inudtry as a runway makeup guru, one of the most sought after make-up artists in the industry and creative director for Estee Lauder cosmetics,the avant garde makeup artist is also behind shiseido.

He’s been key make-up artist on every major show from Prada to Alberta Ferretti, to Karl Lagerfeld. Tom Pecheux’s work extends to print, and is consistently appearing in major advertising campaigns for brands including Yves Saint Laurent, Gucci, and Missoni, as well as on the covers of major publications like Vogue Paris and Allure. his career has seen him work with stalwart photographers like Mario Testino

Tom Pecheux is famous for creating supernatural and flawless looks.

Tom Pecheux has learnt the tricks of the trade and the skills of a Make-up artist with hands on training and experience whilst working with-in the industry.hard to beleive that Tom Pecheux in typical french style was a pastry maker.




Charlie Green

Charlie Green, top makeup artistCharlie Green is a renowned makeup artist who has worked with such celebrities as Naomi Campbell, Jewel, Tyra Banks, Kelly Clarkson and Elizabeth Hurley, to name just a few. In addition, she has done the makeup for celebrities who have appeared on the covers of many national magazines, including Vogue, Elle and GQ.

Touching up famous faces such as Milla Jovovich, Adriana Lima, Devon Aoki, Angelina Jolie, Penelope Cruz, and Pamela Anderson. Green’s handiwork can be seen in recent ads for Victoria’s Secret, Banana Republic, Miss Sixty, and Cover Girl, and in editorial stories shot by renowned photographers such as Ruven Afanador and Ellen von Unwerth.

See Charlie Green portfolio







Mario Dedivanovic

Mario Dedivanovic, top makeup artistAfter falling in love with the way women would look in the mirror and smile at their transformation, Mario embarked on a career in the beauty industry. Assisting the top makeup artists, Mario had worked on the sets of major fashion and beauty campaigns alongside the industry’s most influential photographers, models and designers by the age of 20. Mario scored his first NY agent by the age of 21.

Renowned for his ability to create a flawless face, Mario specializes in subtle transformations, helping women draw out the best version of their natural, complexion and features. His emphasis on blending, sculpting and highlighting has established him a perfectionist, capable of achieving picture-perfect looks.

He has collaborated on countless editorials and red carpet looks for celebrities. His celebrity clientele includes Natasha Bedingfield, Kim Kardashian, Eliza Dushku, Michelle Williams, Amanda Bynes, Gina Gershon and many others. Mario’s work has grace the pages of countless magazines including bazaar, elle, glamour, teen vogue, l’uomo vogue, allure and people. In addition to his immensely popular blog,, mario engages with fans via twitter with 65,000 followers, he is among teh most highly followed makeup artist in the world. When he’s not traveling, Mario lives in his hometowns of New York city and Los Angeles.




Lisa Eldridge

Lisa Eldridge, top makeup artist

Lisa Eldridge is a British make-up artist who has worked with many famous celebrities. Lisa Eldridge was born in England and spent her early years in New Zealand.She returned to England at age 5 with her mother. They lived in Liverpool until she moved to London in the late 1980s. When she was 13, a friend of her mother friend bought her a book on stage make-up.

Shortly after joining an agency she got a job to do a cover for Elle Magazine with Cindy Crawford. They got on well and Cindy booked her for other work. This was definitely the point from which things really started to take off for Lisa’s career as a make-up artist. She currently lives in London with her husband Robin Derrick, who is the creative director for British vogue. In 2003 Lisa became the Creative Director for Boots No7 to help develop, re-design and re-launch the brand.

Alongside her day job, Lisa also creates video tutorials, advice, and beauty tips on her YouTube channel Lisa Eldridge Makeup Artist and her website In June 2011, she teamed up with CHANEL on their Makeup Confidential site showcasing how to apply their Summer 2011 Les Fleurs d’Été de CHANEL Collection.

On February 28, 2012, Lisa announced she would be writing a monthly beauty column for the UK edition of Elle magazine.

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Sonia Kashuk

Sonia Kashuk, top makeup artistMake-up artist/ entrepreneur, Sonia Kashuk, is a pioneer who is responsible for creating the unique category of luxury at mass. Sonia began her career in the early 80’s working with esteemed photographer Arthur Elgort. Their collaboration led to editorial assignments for Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Allure, Elle and Glamour to name a few. She had also collaborated with Marc Jacobs, Oscar de la Renta and Betsey Johnson for their runway shows.

From 1989 to 1997 Sonia worked with the Aveda Corporation as creative director of cosmetics.1997 brought forth the publication of Cindy Crawford’s Basic Face, an instructional beauty workbook that Sonia co-authored with her dear friend. In 1999 the Sonia Kashuk beauty brand was born in partnership with Target stores. Sonia blurred the channel conflict between mass and prestige being the first make-up artist brand in the mass sector- an industry first.

Spring 2003 Sonia published her second book, Real Beauty, a heartfelt collaboration with her closest friends including celebrities, industry specialists and beauty editors from top women’s magazines. In the fall of 2003, Sonia was presented with the prestigious Cosmetic Executive Woman Achiever Award in honor of her many accomplishments and unrelenting dedication.

Allure named Sonia Kashuk one of the top innovators of the year in “The Influencers,” which appeared in the March 2009 issue, being honored for being the first to bring prestige-quality makeup and accessories to the consumer at affordable prices. Sonia Kashuk is currently Prevention’s beauty columnist, offering monthly tips and product recommendations in “Sonia Says”. Sonia also contributes regularly to’s beauty coverage as a member of their expert panel.

Sonia lives in New York City with her husband Daniel and her two children, Jonah and Sadye. See her website




Other great makeup artists/bloggers:



Kandee Johnson

I was born in a suburb of Los Angeles…a very long time ago.

The 80’s: You could find me drawing fashion collections, various drawings I would sell door to door, pretending I was in movies, setting up little scenes and taking pictures of them…THE 90’s: (Many things happened in the 90’s- consider yourself warned! Modeling, marriage, baby, divorce, beauty school (ugh)….
I go to high school- not many pleasant experiences…

1. eat lunch by yourself , it’s awesome- no one interrupts your digestion.
2. eat lunch with your teacher in art class – so no one notices your eating by yourself.
3. get made fun of and not invited to anything that the “cool” girls are doing.

Do extra courses so I can graduate early and get a job at a clothing store- I got to dress cute, Get discovered at my job in the Mall, by a modeling scout, and I leave for Asia within months. I ate more shortbread cookies than I get modelling jobs, and realize if I had blonde hair and blue eyes I would have been working 20 hours a day like the girl I went over there with. I return home after living in Taiwan and Hong Kong and remember what it’s like to speak English again.

Fast forward through me getting married, having a son at 18, some definite character building times in my life. go to beauty school….start doing make-up….(more horrible life experiences, that made me stronger and helped bring the blessings into my life that I never dreamed would ever happen…BECOME a CELEBRITY make-up artist, working for amazing companies like MTV/VH1, CNN, ABC, CBS, VISA, VANS to The Tonight Show….and with celebrities from famous talk show host Conan O’Brien to everything that requires people to have make-up on…and many amazing companies, that I have been honoured to put on my resume.

My most amazing job title is: Mom to my 4 kids, Jordan 14, Alani 6, and Blake, and Elyse (a baby).

My 2nd most amazing job is being able to share my knowledge as a pro make-up artist, show people some crafts, hair videos, fun wardrobe ideas and touch people hearts and lives in the process. I started on Youtube, just hoping to teach some make-up tricks, and now, almost 100 million views later, my true joy is knowing all the hearts I’ve inspired and lives that I’ve touched!

I am honored that someone would capture my personality and create this for me…it truly represents my personality.





See more of her on her blog

Or on her second blog…




Makeup by Tiffanyd

Tiffanyd, top makeup artist, credit photo makeupbytiffanyd.comI’m a self-taught makeup artist and beauty product junkie from Atlanta, Georgia. My husband Brad and I bought our first home a few years ago in that area as well. If you follow me on twitter, you’ve probably heard of him before (and all of our crazy adventures turning our house into a home that we love). That’s something else you should know about me. I’m obsessed with interior design and all things DIY. We’ll get more into that a bit later.

Let’s not leave out Waylon, our Golden Retriever, who can usually be found stealing the show in most of my videos. He also floods my twitter and Twitpic accounts daily with his cuteness.

After spending my college years majoring in education and teaching little ones, I discovered that I am truly a teacher at heart. However, I had always dreamed of becoming a makeup artist. By combining my love of teaching with my love of makeup, I ventured into the world of YouTube creating makeup and beauty how-to videos for fun. People started watching and the channel grew faster and larger than I could have ever imagined. I had no idea it would ever become what it has and I’m so thankful for all my subscribers! It’s truly so much fun and very rewarding knowing that I’m able to reach so many people and do what I love.

I now have two YouTube channels. MakeupByTiffanyD, my first and main channel, and my “priority” where videos are concerned, is all about beauty. It’s my baby. Makeup tutorials, beauty advice, product reviews… anything beauty related you could ever imagine can be found there. I post on that channel regularly.

Then there’s TiffanyDtv. Crazy and random is what would describe the pile of nonsense that goes on there. From talking about books, my life, my puppy, taking my viewers along with me to Paris, Vegas, or even a theme park… It can all be found there. Even little “tours” of rooms of our home. Another thing you need to know about me… I LOVE home decor and anything diy. I even posted a little shelf-building tutorial on there recently. Yes, you read that correctly…haha.
I’ve gotten to do so many fun and exciting things because of my beauty vlogging & blogging. I’ve met so many amazing people, worked with some of the best companies, traveled all over the United States, and most recently, to Paris! It’s really been so much fun and a dream come true.
Welcome to my lil’ makeup world!




Gossmakeupartist (Wayne Goss)

Gossmakeupartist, top makeup artistOne of my top favorite YouTube vloggers is Wayne Goss, the UK-based makeup artist behind the channels Gossmakeupartist and Gossmakeupartistchat. Having a professional makeup artist show you his tried-and-true techniques and teach you how to get things right step-by-step is a wonderful gift. Goss is a master of contouring, concealing and getting the best out of one’s skin and face shape. I’ve spent quite a bit of time in front of my makeup mirrors practicing his methods.

Wayne has an easygoing friendly approach. His reviews are as frank and honest as can be, something I deeply appreciate. Goss is a makeup artist who needs the best value and large quantities, and often requires heavy duty products. He brings up excellent food for thought and his reasons for liking or disliking an item are quite important.

Goss often demonstrates his methods either on himself (he rocks guyliner like no one else) or on his friend Mandy. Their interaction is quite amusing and I end up very jealous of Mandy. Since I don’t have a friendly makeup artist next door, watching Wayne Goss on YouTube is as close I’ll get for now.

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